Service Provider: PLV-DESIGN, is the creator and owner of the database (catalog) that contains a wide range of die lines PLVS cardboard generated and structured from our own designs, and designs its suppliers and other publicly available sources, allowing it to offer a variety of dies to its customers.

Client: Client will be considered in future, any natural person of legal age, partnership, corporation, partnership or other entity that wishes to contract products and services that are offered by PLV-DESIGN.

Products: The products and services that are available are die-lines for board PLVS PDF and DXF, whose design can be customized by the customer through an appropriate software application.

The Contract: This contract is for the regulation of the grant to the CUSTOMER a license through the Internet Telecommunications network for the acquisition of products and services PLV-DESIGN offers from your site www.plv

Common Conditions and applicable law, the Customer will remain constantly informed of the Products and Services available at all times, through the information available on the web As well as notification, telephone, postal or electronic to be made to it.

For viewing or order of goods or services to which the Client wishes to access while browsing different web sites, may be requested acceptance of riders and will supplement these General Conditions should also be read and accepted by the CLIENT for the efficient provision of service or product supply.

They are also complementary to these general terms and part of the contract of each client, and specifications are accepted by it, detailing the type of contract you select according to specific offers, or other contracting model PLV-DESIGN bid, leaving them conveniently attached to this contract.
The General Conditions are subject to the provisions of the Law 7 / 1988 of 13 April, on General Conditions of Contract, the Law 26/1984 of 19 July, General Counsel for the Defence of Consumers and Users, Royal Decree 1906/1999, of December 17, 1999, which regulates the Telephone and Electronic Contracting with general conditions, the Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, Protection of Personal Data, Law 7 / 1996 of 15 January Retail Trade, and Law 34/2002 of July 11, Services Information Society and Electronic Commerce.


The validity of contracts concluded by electronic means is covered by Article 23, paragraphs 1 and 3, of Law 34/2002 on Information Society and Electronic Commerce: Contracts concluded by electronic means have the same validity and produce all the effects of civil and commercial legal system. "

The contract is perfected from the time that the CLIENT agrees with these terms of engagement by pressing the Accept button and reading of these conditions and after completing the form correctly offered from the secure server web-design www.plv . com or also from the deposit or transfer of such acceptance by any other electronic or traditional headquarters offices or delegations of the Company.

Are equally valid, otherwise the planned recruitment in law, and that the parties used to formalize the scope of this contract.

The CLIENT agrees that it will not be necessary to confirm the receipt of the acceptance of the contract when it was concluded exclusively by exchange of electronic mail or other electronic communication, as provided in Article 28.3 b) of Act 34 / 2002 Services Information Society and Electronic Commerce, and the provisions of RD 1906/1999. The parties agree to legally match the signature of the Client to that made by any kind of keys, security codes or identifying elements. Notwithstanding the foregoing, PLV-DESIGN may require as it deems necessary written confirmation. Given the nature of the contents of the PLV-DESIGN benefits achieved through their products and services, THE CLIENT waives the right of withdrawal referred to in art. 4 of RD 1906/1999 is not applicable as provided in the rules governing the retail trade.

In cases where user customer services and products PLV-DESIGN is a corporation or other legal entity, the entity shall respond at all times on valid and effective authorization or empowerment of individuals to hold this contract and may not raise the lack of authorization or default or revocation of powers, the consideration for the services and products provided by PLV-DESIGN.
The Client agrees that PLV-DESIGN can close the contract on the secure servers of the company, telematics delivery mode, being available for consultation from the website, where the client can print or archive copy. In case of discrepancy between the copy of the client and the contractor filed, the latter shall prevail. The integrity and validity is guaranteed by digital signatures captured in this document, which guarantees the identity of the signatory, the integrity of the signed content and non-repudiation of the signer. Likewise, the Client agrees that all notices, communications and information-DESIGN PLV should send or provide services as a result of transactions entered into and to be made, provided the law permits, by electronic means.


At the time of contracting the Client may choose any of the procedures currently in force in the web of PLV-DESIGN or offered by any other means.

The selection of the type of contract, forcing the customer to read and accept the specific conditions that may be required to regulate this form and, where appropriate, be annexed to this contract upon acceptance.

With the existence of conflicting provisions between the specific and general provisions remain in the past.

Overview of the main mode of recruitment for the Customer:

Free high as PLV-DESIGN CLIENT with payment of consumer goods and services made in each session to perform at the rates of products and services available at all times, being discharged as a new customer for free.

The mode of payment is possible through the PAYPAL payment system or by-TPVV card payment using the payment gateway enabled by PLV-DESIGN and managed by the bank.

In both cases payment is made on a secure server. At the time of payment, PLV-DESIGN invoiced for the same. For security reasons PLV-DESIGN not request or store data in any form of payment, leaving the entire buying process by the entity that handles payment. PLV-DESIGN only receives, by the entity, the authorization code or else the cause of failure of the transaction (credit card denied, expired, etc.).

The Company will apply this method of recruitment by default if not agreed any further, explicitly, with the customer.

4 º RATES.
The cost of the goods and services provided by PLV-DESIGN, be established in the Index of Current rates are displayed at all times through the web of PLV-DESIGN next to each product or service offered by unequivocal description, icons , windows, or any other indication of the price in Euros, €, clearly recognizable at the time of consumption.

The Company reserves the right to change prices of any of its products at any time to apply the amendment to the parties since it is incorporated in the said website and as otherwise provided in clause "Integrity and Modification of Contract" of these terms and. On the prices quoted apply fees, taxes or levies, which at all times in force and be implemented legally.


PLV-DESIGN guarantee the legitimacy of the sources used in the manufacture of its products, such as procedures performed for its creation and the law in obtaining them.


All content accessible through the Services provided by PLV-DESIGN are subject to rights of intellectual property of this or any other third-holders.

In no event shall the provision of such services PLV-DESIGN imply any waiver, transfer or sale of all or part of such rights. Customer access to that content through the Services provided by PLV-DESIGN CLIENT does not confer any right of exploitation, use, modification, reproduction, distribution or public communication of the contents without the prior express authorization specifically granted for that purpose by the PLV-DESIGN or third holder of the rights affected.


7.1. PLV-DESIGN is not responsible for any damages that may result from incorrect operation of the WEB motivated by external technical equipment, such as any hardware needed to run the information provided to or for the connection, expressly disclaims any liability of a malfunction of the telephone network.

7.2. PLV-DESIGN does not warrant the merchantability or fitness punch line PLV acquired by the client for a particular purpose.
Likewise, it is at the discretion of the Client and therefore PLV-DESIGN releases from liability for the possible lack of suitability of the product purchased for the purpose intended by the client.

7.3. In any case, the PLV-DESIGN responsibility for any damage caused gross negligence and compensation for damages and interest payments in the event of noncompliance, shall not exceed in any case, by express agreement of the parties , the amount paid by the CUSTOMER PLV-DESIGN for the purchase of the product purchased.

7.4. Keys and Password that PLV-DESIGN can provide the clients to access their services and products are personal and not transferable. The use, stockpiling, transfer and confidentiality of these keys are at all times the responsibility of the CLIENT.

The CUSTOMER may not oppose the PLV-DESIGN payment of consumption made by his staff or any third party, who have had access to the keys, although there have been outside of their guidelines or lack of control or due diligence in their custody or failures in the security of their systems or any other cause beyond PLV-DESIGN.

7.5. PLV-DESIGN reserves the right to refuse service or delivery of products to commercial customers on the basis of applications and policies of business interest, and therefore also the recovery of the prices established from time to time as consideration to them.

7.6. PLV-DESIGN warns of the possible use of data authentication mechanisms that allow testing of secure user identity in order to avoid impersonation and unauthorized access. All personal information provided by customers of any fraudulent or false shall be considered as a crime of falsifying business documents.
PLV-DESIGN reserves the right to inform the authorities and state security bodies of fraudulent attempts to identity theft in the procurement of services.


PLV-DESIGN reserves the right to subcontract with other individuals or legal entities in order to carry out its obligations under this contract.


The CUSTOMER may not transfer this contract or delegate any obligations under the agreement, without the prior consent of PLV-DESIGN. This business, you can still assign the rights and obligations under this contract of the same and without the consent of the Client.

10 º. TAXES.

All prices and rates on that references the contract does not include any taxes, so that should be
increased as provided in the taxes that apply to them the day of your billing.


PLV-DESIGN reserves the right to modify its programs and product catalog, and the systematization of the data provided and the technical characteristics of access and transmission.

Also reserves the right to terminate all or part service for technical changes or failures.
The Company reserves the right to create or add new products, modify, replace, revise and / or enhance or nullify any of the products and services offered on the Web and introduce the necessary elements to facilitate monitoring of their use during term of this contract and its annexes.


These conditions supersede all prior agreements, understandings and prior commitments between the parties and, in conjunction with the specific conditions of employment that may exist, the entire agreement between P PLV-DESIGN and the CLIENT. If any provision of this Agreement is held invalid or null and void, shall not put and keep the rest of his entire binding agreement between the parties.


For judicial resolution of any dispute arising from the interpretation and / or performance of the contract, the parties waive any other general or special jurisdiction that may apply, subject to the Courts and Tribunals of Barcelona. However, have the client considered "consumer" will not be applicable submission clause set forth above, but the applicable jurisdiction shall be that at all times are appropriate based on that consideration.

In compliance with the rules on defense and protection of Consumers and Users, we inform you that PLV-DESIGN offers sheet models complaints. To apply send us an email to


For the purposes of the provisions of Law 15/1999 on Protection of Personal Data and development rules, PLV-DESIGN informs the user that the personal data required as a result of the application of contracts, transactions, and or procurement of products and services that may occur by any means, and computer processes on registered data, will be incorporated into a file created under the responsibility of PLV-DESIGN, authorizing this society to treat these data. The collection and treatment are referred to the purpose of maintaining the contractual relationship between parties, management, administration, supply, extension and improvement of services and their adaptation to the tastes and preferences of users.

Moreover, their data may also be used to provide information on various products and services offered by PLV-DESIGN. If you are not interested in your data is processed for the purposes referred to in this paragraph, please send an email to inform you that also may withdraw consent at each commercial or advertising statement you do get there, and at any time by notifying the company in the form which is available on the website

By providing the requested data, you stated that they are true, accurate and complete and expressly authorizes the treatment PLV-DESIGN for the purposes previously reported. In particular, authorizes the use of electronic mail or other electronic media for the mentioned purposes.

You can exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition by sending a written communication to and must include your full name, a photocopy of your ID, an address for notification purposes and indicate express right to want to exercise.

In the event that this contract had been signed by a legal entity, the consent given by the attorneys or authorized for the purposes of Article 21 of Law 34/2002, shall be deemed given both on their own behalf and on behalf of the entity they represent legal. The answer to the questions that have arisen since the data required to formalize their relationship with PLV-DESIGN is full power, with no obligation by applying PLV-DESIGN CUSTOMER consent to the collection of data to refer these the parties to the contract or preliminary contract of the business relationship and being necessary for the maintenance and enforcement. Thus, the failure of CUSTOMER to provide personal data that you have applied for, determine the invalidity of this contract as necessary for the aforementioned purpose. The customer must notify PLV-DESIGN any changes in personal data to the proper management and quality of service and processed data, especially data relating to contact, address, debit, email, phone ... etc.

You expressly authorize PLV-DESIGN to record in its entirety, any valid technical support to this end, the telephone and / or telematics produced or arising from the use of any service PLV-DESIGN to be able to prove the conduct of any proceedings relating to the application and hiring of goods and / or services, evaluate quality and efficiency of the service, and to address complaints and / or incidents that may occur and can be used those recordings as evidence to any judicial proceeding or arbitration between the two sides might arise directly or indirectly. In any case, you may obtain a copy of the said records, if requested, as well as duplicate or transcript thereof.

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