1. A die-cut line is quite serious... Can I rely on them?

Yes. PLVdesign die-cut lines are a collection created by PLV-Design, a company with 30 years of experience in the sector.

Furthermore, we are also available to answer any questions you may have.

2. Can I find out the production costs for each POP?

The information includes a chart with basic cost guidelines. To find out the cost in absolute numbers, you simply have to give the plans to a manufacturers, along with the core data for calculation, which are:

  • quantity to produce

  • number of ink-colours for printing

  • quality of finishes, varnish or laminates

  • delivery type: assembled or flat, with multiple or unit packaging

3. Producing a POP is not easy. How do I know that the materials are compatible with each die-cut line?

It is true, POP production requires supervision by a good professional. For this reason, each die-cut line comes with technical specifications detailing the compatible materials, thicknesses and even gluing points, if necessary.

4. Can I change the measurements?

Yes. The .PDF and .DXF files are vector, so that they easily can be made proportionally smaller or larger.

5. When I am looking at the die-cut line, is it the front or the back?

You are seeing the front and, in any case, it is also stated clearly on the attached information.

6. Is the face to die cut important?

Yes, particularly for materials like corrugated board that affect strength levels. It is indicated on the information enclosed with each die-cut line.

7. Do you always have the same collection of die-cut lines?

No. PLVdesign continually develops and adds die-cut lines to its collection.