What is PLVdesign?
PLV-DESIGN is an innovative on-line shop. We sell a wide range of POP die-cut lines for board. From small display shelves to voluminous floor stands.

Who is behind PLVdesign?
This wide range of dies has been collected by PLV-Design.com, -a studio specialising in POPs-during more than 30 years of history in the market, and placed at your fingertips in a user-friendly and easy-to-select format. Fully reliable. Each of our dies has been methodically tested by our professionals, using the standard materials used in the majority of EU countries.

Who is our business for?
For people like you, who want to find fast, profitable and, above all, effective solutions. Products managers, graphic designers, POP manufacturers or POP designers who can meet their clients’ needs with our die-cut lines.

Our philosophy?
You will find classic and innovative designs on our website, always designed to make your work easier and to help you obtain spectacular results at unheard-of prices.
A process that is very, but very, easy.
1.Select the die that you need
2.Download it in PDF or DXF format
3.Personalise it exactly to the needs of your client or your product
4.Present the final result
This is PLVdesign, professional quality die-cut lines ready to personalise to your taste and needs.